Possible Connections

Sometimes when searching for ancestors or possible relatives, you find people that might be related to you, but there is no documented connection. We have found some Schwabiks that may or may not be related to us- here is some information on them.


Painting reproduced on a postcard by Josefine Schwabik, purchased on EBAY

Aurel Schwabik and Josefine Pischinger from Bohemia, lived in Austria. They had three children, Marian, Aurel and Josefine. Both Marian and Aurel were photographers, Josefine was a painter.  We made several attempts to talk with Josefine, but unfortunately, she did not want to speak with us. We have  not found any connection to our family – yet! This family IS connected to Ernest Ereyni’s family- we found this out in 2020.


From a book of Josefine’s paintings

The photos of this Schwabik family come from an out-of-print book “Die Tiroler Kunstlerin – Josefine Schwabik” which features her paintings. Many of us feel there is a connection to this family, as our family has many photographers and painters – sometimes an artistic ‘streak’ runs through the family tree!

Sadly, Josefine Schwabik, artist and painter died January 26, 2014.  Although we know a lot about her, and her two brothers Marian and Aurel, we may never know if we were related to her. We will keep searching for answers.


Ernest Erenyi’s family also has Schwabik family relatives in Teval, in Tolna County. We’ve worked closely with him in researching all the possibilities! Here are some photos of his branch of the family.


The Schwabik family from Teval

Vernon R. Kostohryz has several Schwabik surnames in his family tree. We have not been able to trace any of them back to us yet, and we have been in touch with Vernon over the years. His very detailed website can be reached at:


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